Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Anton's Math Autobiography

Anton's Math Autobiography

My first math memory was when I was doing simple math problems in year one on Studyladder, with my teacher. I usually enjoy maths because I find number and word problems interesting. I really like learning new skills to help me with my maths. I like to compare strategies with Mum to look at how maths teaching has changed.

I get bored in maths when I am being told how to do things that I have already been taught in previous years, even if it's revision. My strengths in maths are:
  • Being able to show people how to work out problems in maths at their own level to help them understand easier
  • Being able to work out problems in my head without too much trouble
  • Using different strategies to solve problems faster
  • Working the problems out quickly
A math teacher I remember was back in year three and her name was Mrs Robertson. Mrs R was a helpful teacher because she taught me my first set of strategies to work out multiplication and division. I like to show Mum how to work things out: for example division, fractions to decimals, and multiplying decimals.

I've always enjoyed numbers and have been encouraged by Mum to keep going and to try different strategies if something is not working. I would like to one day become a nurse, and I would need to use maths all the time. In nursing you need to work out dosages of medicine by weight of patient and to make sure you can give them the right amount, for example, in a 24 hour period.

If I were on "Who Wants to be a Millionaire" and I needed a lifeline for a maths question, I would call Mr Jeftha because he has helped me develop my strengths in mathematics by explaining new strategies in ways that I can understand, and because he has a passion for teaching and learning mathematics.

I learn best by developing strategies for working out math problems and then showing Mum how to use the strategies. This helps to make it stick in my mind, so that I can remember for future use.

Overall I really enjoy maths and learning how to work things out, and applying it to everyday situations.

Makayla's Math Autobiography

One of my most memorable math milestones was completing all of my times tables. I did it on the very last day of school in year 3 by knowing all of my 12 times tables. I also remember that there were only 4 people from the whole year that knew them, 3 year 4's and 1 year 3, that year 3 was me. At the end of the day i got a yummy chocolate bar along with this other guy in my class that i was racing against.

My favourite math teacher would have to be Mrs Duggan. Mrs Duggan would always have a little laugh and dance when i asked about a question and how to do it, because it didn't happen very often. I was always really excited when it came to maths time because i would always learn something new. Mrs Duggan was also my best maths teacher because she brought me up to a high standard in preparation for intermediate.

I always get bored in maths when the work is too easy or when I'm being taught something i already know. Ive never really liked doing work that i could do in 1 minute because its just not as fun as doing a hard problem that takes 10 minutes. i also get really annoyed when everyone is talking because its very distracting and i can't get my work done.
My Weekend

On Sunday 15th March, my friend Kelly from Tanekaha house came over to my house at 3:00 because I won ticket to the netball game at 7:10pm, Kia Magic VS Melbourne Vixens. I was very excited especially because it was going to be the first professional game that I have gone to. We were sitting in Door 5, Bay7, Row B. And seats 162 and 163. At quarter time there was a ANZ blue thing that wobbles back and forth and to people had to shoot netballs through a hole in it. The positions Kelly and I watched were WA and C (Wing Attack and Center). Each quarter goes for 15 minutes. The score was 51-48 the Melbourne Vixens won. I was very annoyed that the Vixens won the netball game.
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Avril's Math Autobiography 

I was always lacking in maths knowledge,I never focused when I had to or when I should have. When I grew more around year five I realised how important it was to be good at math.
I still remember doing my first 9 times table which was 9 x 3 Which of course is 27.I get excited when a teacher asks me what 9 x 3 which I would always reply '' 27!''  And I would smile every time.
When I became year 7 at Tauranga Intermediate I was still lacking in my maths skills so I got a option to go to MMS (Mastering Maths Skills) it helped me improve my maths knowledge like what a algorithm is I learnt so much and helps everyone else too. I still need a lot to work on but I will get there.