Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Avril's Math Autobiography 

I was always lacking in maths knowledge,I never focused when I had to or when I should have. When I grew more around year five I realised how important it was to be good at math.
I still remember doing my first 9 times table which was 9 x 3 Which of course is 27.I get excited when a teacher asks me what 9 x 3 which I would always reply '' 27!''  And I would smile every time.
When I became year 7 at Tauranga Intermediate I was still lacking in my maths skills so I got a option to go to MMS (Mastering Maths Skills) it helped me improve my maths knowledge like what a algorithm is I learnt so much and helps everyone else too. I still need a lot to work on but I will get there.

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