Wednesday, 20 May 2015

My Weekend

On Sunday 15th March, my friend Kelly from Tanekaha house came over to my house at 3:00 because I won ticket to the netball game at 7:10pm, Kia Magic VS Melbourne Vixens. I was very excited especially because it was going to be the first professional game that I have gone to. We were sitting in Door 5, Bay7, Row B. And seats 162 and 163. At quarter time there was a ANZ blue thing that wobbles back and forth and to people had to shoot netballs through a hole in it. The positions Kelly and I watched were WA and C (Wing Attack and Center). Each quarter goes for 15 minutes. The score was 51-48 the Melbourne Vixens won. I was very annoyed that the Vixens won the netball game.
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