Monday, 8 June 2015

Anton's Technology Reflection

Music - Term 2 Technology Reflection
Student Voice

What I have learnt:

On the ukulele, I have learnt how to play and read G, F, D7, G7, Dm, and 1 - 3 finger chords accurately. On the guitar, I can read and play D, G, A7, and Em. I can use accurate fingering on the keyboard. In a group, I contribute my ideas willingly.

Questions I have:

Who invented the Guitar?
How many different musical instruments have been made with strings?Image result for guitarImage result for ukulele
Anton - Room 2

Technology Reflection

Music- Term 2

What I Have Learnt
I learnt how to play Minor and Major chords on the keyboard. I have learnt how to play Blue Smoke on the guitar and ukulele. I have learnt more about garage band. I Have learnt how to play Hallelujah on the keyboard.

Questions I Have
 Why does a ukulele have four strings and a guitar have six strings?

Image result for Guitar

By Emily Rm2