Thursday, 30 July 2015

Room 2 Future Champs

Adam: My national champ for karting
On Thursday 2nd April 2015 we made a long journey to Palmerston North for the 2015 NZ Sprint Champs. This was my first time I have done this event in a junior Rotax class.
We arrived at the track early afternoon and were able to get out and have a few practice runs before the track closes at 5pm.
Next day,Friday was practice in the mourning,followed by qualifying in the afternoon.I didn't qualify that good from engine problems,so then I started for the first race off 21.Not the best spot to be in when there are very good and competitive drivers at the front.
Saturday was a day off for me,so I got to watch all of my mates race in their classes.Saturday night was the best because we just relaxed and then we got to go to the lido hot pool with all my team mates.
Sunday was an early start for all of us,We all started the racing with 2 heats which were based on Fridays qualifying times. I managed to work my way though the field in one race bit and finished 17th and finished 20th in the other heat,and the heats were 8 laps each.
The prefinal,which was 12 laps,I started the race on grid 19 and finished 16th place.
 The final was 17 laps long and I started on grid 16 and was going really well through the field when all of a sudden a guy drove straight over top of me and my kart and also bent my steering column and tire roads.This put me out of the race and the day for me.It wasn't an unfortunate incident and one I was not very happy about it,as there was no need for him to do what he did.But as they say,''thats racing''.
It was a great learning experience for me and my racing and look forward to competing in the North Island Sprint Champs in Te puke at Labour Weekend this year. 
Makayla: Taekwondo Holiday programme
I woke up and got ready for a full on day of Taekwondo at the Martial Arts Academy.
I arrived at 9 o'clock ready to go. We played 3 rounds of dodge pad, which is dodge ball but with punching pads. My team won all 3 rounds. We did a cool sequence of a turning kick, then back kick into a tornado kick. It took me awhile to do the tornado kick, as it was my first try, but I finally got it.
Through out the day we did some Kick Boxing. We did a combo consisting of 2 jabs, hook and upper cut. We also did some awesome stunt skills but i had to miss out due to my rolled ankle.
Finally we did some board breaking . Although I had a rolled ankle and  I couldn't use it, I still joined in. I broke a thick plastic board with my hand and a couple of thin ones at once. After the plastic board breaking some people were chosen to break a roofing tile, and i was one of them. I broke 1 tile with my hand standing 1 foot but i could've broken 2 if my foot wasn't sore, but it still looked awesomely amazing.
Unfortunately I had to go to the doctors afterwards but it was still awesome and I had lots of fun.

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